Healthy Kidneys, It Is Possible. World Kidney Day.

World Kidney Day seeks to raise awareness of the importance of kidneys to overall human health and inform the world about ways to prevent kidney disease. It is celebrated worldwide, bringing together millions of people in over 150 countries and uniting them to produce a powerful voice for kidney health awareness. World Kidney Day is observed annually on the 2nd Thursday in March. At the start of this holiday, 66 countries observed this date in 2006. Within two years, this number rose to 88.

What Do Our Kidneys Do ?

Kidneys help the body pass waste as urine. They also help filter blood before sending it back to the heart.

Kidneys perform many crucial functions, including:

  • Maintaining overall fluid balance

  • Filtering waste materials from food, medications, and toxic substances

  • Creating hormones that help produce red blood cells, and regulate blood pressure

  • Produce an active form of vitamin D that promotes strong and healthy Bones

Promoting Good Kidney Health.

Proper care can keep kidneys running properly well into old age. One of the most important things to remember is to stay hydrated. Kidneys need water to function properly and to carry away toxins. We can take care of our kidneys

1) Keep Active And Fit : Regular Exercise can lower the risk of chronic kidney disease. It can also reduce your blood pressure and boost your heart health, which are both important to preventing kidney damage. Walking, running, cycling, and even dancing are great for your health.

2) Control your blood sugar : People with diabetes, or a condition that causes high blood sugar, may develop kidney damage. When your body’s cells can’t use the glucose (sugar) in your blood, your kidneys are forced to work extra hard to filter your blood. Over years of exertion, this can lead to life-threatening damage.However, if you can control your blood sugar, you reduce the risk of damage. Also, if the damage is caught early, your doctor can take steps to reduce or prevent additional damage.

3) Monitor weight and eat a healthy diet : People who are overweight or obese are at risk for a number of health conditions that can damage the kidneys. These include diabetes, heart disease, and kidney disease.A healthy diet that’s low in sodium, processed meats, and other kidney-damaging foods may help reduce the risk of kidney damage. Focus on eating fresh ingredients that are naturally low-sodium, such as cauliflower, blueberries, fish, whole grains, and more.

4) Drink plenty of fluids : Water helps clear sodium and toxins from your kidneys. It also lowers your risk of chronic kidney disease. Drinking Atleast 3-4 Litres of water everyday is a good way to take care of your kidneys. People who have previously had kidney stones should drink a bit more water to help prevent stone deposits in the future.

5) Don’t smoke : Smoking damages your body’s blood vessels. This leads to slower blood flow throughout your body and to your kidneys.

You get what you preach so, don’t trouble your kidneys and take an oath to take good care of them on this day. Wish you a very happy and healthy world kidney day.

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