Updated: Mar 12, 2020

H4A Healthcare Solutions has taken a step towards dream of making the Electronic Health Record of all Satarakars. That step in the forward direction is of organizing a free Health Check-Up Camp for Old Age Associations in Satara. Owing to the fact that our portfolio of services is the need of the hour for Senior Citizens.

The Senior Citizens have already spent most of their life contributing to the society at large and we believe it is time that we as a part of the society do something for them. Their blessings and support will go a long way in helping realise the dream that we at H4A Healthcare Solutions have seen.

Ajinkya Jeshth Nagrik Sangh, Satara is where we got our first opportunity to organise such a Health Check-Up Camp. We at H4A Healthcare Solutions are proud to inform you that the health camp was organised on 16th of September and was a successful one.

The camp was held in collaboration with Yashashree Hospital, Satara and CIPLA.

The members of Ajinkya Jeshth Nagrik Sangh and other residents of Forest Colony area Satara were the benefactors of this camp. The health check-up was conducted by Dr. Harshad Patil (Yashashree Hospital, Satara), Dr. Prajakta Patil (Yashashree Hospital, Satara), Dr. Mohit Naik (H4A healthcare Solutions) and Dr. Pradeep Bhosale (H4A Healthcare Solutions). Also free ECG was done for all the benefactors which was graciously organised by CIPLA.

It was a wonderful experience for us all as the senior citizens benefiting from this event were very much involved in the process. The success of this event was marked by the fact that Ajinkya Jeshth Nagrik Sangh and its members benefited from the event and enquired if we could organise such events on yearly basis.

This was only the first health check-up camp of many to come. And we along with our benevolent partners hope to organise such events for all old age associations currently functioning in Satara.

H4A is going to work hard to make our dream a reality, a dream in which every person we see in Satara will be the benefactor of our services.

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